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Space design consists of creating environments where everything converges towards a single theme and in which the emotional factor occupies a primordial place.


The environment / emotion / reflection combination generates a significant involvement of individuals in the different phases of the cognitive process of discussion, perception or learning.


Founded in 2015 in Iceland, BToB Classy is the first scenography agency in Europe to adapt this discipline to the business world. Today, it is extending its expertise - with ever more inspiring creations - to shops, collective spaces for the general public in private environments, urban installations, museums or events but also in webDesign.

The Design Agency

who   EXHALT   the identity of your professional spaces


The space design activity of the BToB Classy agency encompasses various fields such as internal and external planning in a company (discussion spaces), the design of objects and furniture, urban styling, museography, artistic exhibition, or the scenography and the setting in atmosphere of the places of sale.

The high-end layout of spaces that matter

Discussion space [ɛspas də diskysjɔ̃] nm -Structural ecosystem in business favorable to dialogic communication (exchange, sharing, questioning, collective analysis…).

to boost innovation, performance and business thinking

More than a simple planning function, the discussions held in our spaces transform companies and organizations, humanize thinking and innovate in employee experiences.

Design for business
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Develop the impact of the work environment

with Space Design as a strategic tool

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Stand out in the HR market

to cultivate your employer brand and attract talent

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Offer human-centric experiences

and explore new forms of participation

so that space is your first factor of differentiation and innovation

The engine of individual and collective performance is commitment. Motivation comes from within. In the field of support, strategy, management and more generally discussion, leaders, managers, managers or coaches have a role to play by offering a stimulating environment conducive to self-motivation in which teams and stakeholders will engage.


In business, major organizational transformations are often accompanied by major changes in spatiality. Space is the quintessential symbol of the link that connects employees to their company, and it carries within it a discourse that everyone can decipher.

Imaginative discussion spaces

for performative learning


A modern and sexy approach for the planet

At BToB Classy, our ecological conscience gives us the will to make creations with a lower environmental impact.

Eco-design involves taking into account respect for the principles of sustainable development from the design of our projects and only working with recyclable, labeled or re-used materials. We consider this ecological approach to be an asset for our artistic creations. Whenever we can, we develop resilient practices such as buying natural materials and applying vegetable dyes to them.

Je plonge dans les créations de BToB Classy

As long as we don't share space,

we don't share a relationship.

Bringing work into discussion is a strong stake in terms of QWL and more broadly of performance.


Considering the concrete organization of discussion spaces as the material substrate for the quality of exchanges allows management to renew, mobilize and nurture the possibilities of personal and collective transformations: by revealing oneself to others but also and at the same time , by the revelation of oneself to oneself.

Union des scénographes

BToB Classy supports representativeness

Professional of the U nion D es S cénographes



A morning shower is often the start of a daily routine. Symbol of purification, intimacy or rebirth, “Do not disturb” invites you to question the image of oneself but also, in a managerial context, on the role of the company in the construction of the social identity of each.


Suggested discussions in this space

- Self-image, view of others

- The company's image and its challenges

- Identification, social image, belonging (...)

Processus cognitif d'apprentissage

The contributions of space design in

the cognitive learning process

Stimulation - Processus cognitif BToB Classy
Acquisition - Processus cognitif BToB Classy
Mémorisation - Processus cognitif BToB Classy
Restitution - Processus cognitif BToB Classy

There are in business, as elsewhere, all these stories of "theater of memory",  this  report  to a space where we place shared experiences, places, thoughts, discussions. If you grow up in a space, then that space becomes your theater of memory. We memorize it, we identify with it and it  transforms in our memory into the cradle of our emotional memory . Pleasure and satisfaction can then be mobilized into a more global UX Design experience .

Les individus en quête d'innovation connaissent BToB Classy


Creativity is the seed of growth,

from commitment comes cohesion.

Change the environment and shift your gaze

It is with the acute requirement of creative correctness that BToB Classy supplements and supports the reflective actions carried out in its discussion spaces.

Our designs facilitate identification and analysis, promote the production of collective solutions, stimulate innovative proposals.

The combination of management by discussion with our scenographic discipline enriches the dialogical activity in a meaningful context. The discussion or learning space then becomes a material support for the reflection of individuals thus optimizing the convergence of the stages of questioning, discovery, awareness and memorization.

Since spring 2020, all of our creations have complied with government measures taken to fight COVID19.

BToB Classy is the art of giving birth to what will bring together in a given common time, individuals in questioning and an environment supporting their responses.

Arnaud - Designer & Co-founder of BToB Classy 

Des bénéfices partagés

Space planning by BToB Classy,
shared benefits * ...

BToB Classy et les travaux de l'ANACT
logo Anact

* Inspired by work on discussion spaces published by Anact (National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions)

L'espace de discussion au coeur de la mémoire épisodique



In cognitive psychology, episodic memory refers to the process by which the individual remembers lived events thanks to their context (place, emotional state)

The premium chat room design experience


Because it is necessary to build a favorable structural ecosystem adapted to each discussion space (management committee, project group, IRP, team meeting, training, external network, etc.), BToB Classy also imagines and designs tailor-made his exceptional creations.

Innovation often emerges as closely as possible to the realities on the ground


BToB Classy is the only agency offering to transform your discussion space into a fertile framework for the development of collective competence at the heart of your organization.

BToB Classy - Positionnement


A unique concept in Europe (but no  other similar identified  to date in the world 😉) 

BToB Classy - Budget


Budget monitoring and the financial aspect ensure that your budget is respected

BToB Classy - Conception


Average ideation time from the first meeting with the sponsor 9 Days

BToB Classy - Expertise


You will appreciate our 6 years of expertise in project management at the service of our creations

BToB Classy, votre nouvel espace de réflexion
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Because what matters to you,
well worth crossing the space

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