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Do not disturb

1 day license.  HT

1500.00 €

Useful surface

36 m²

Nb people


A morning shower is often the start of a daily routine. Symbol of purification, intimacy or rebirth, "Do not disturb" invites you to question the image of oneself but also, in a managerial context, on the role of the company in the construction of the social identity of each.

Approved value of the work at 


€ 20,580.00 tax excl.


Arnaud 2020.jpg

Artistic direction

Arnaud Legrand

About the theme

The image of oneself is the fruit of the interaction of the individual with the environment to which he must conform, at least in part: to respect frameworks. But, the individual remains a distinct, unique subject, having his own needs, personal capacities to think and act in complete independence and this, in spite of a setting in conformity however advanced it is.

Self-image strongly depends on how others view and evaluate the individual, and the individual of himself, of course. Forged by a channel of successive identifications, the self-image refers to the characteristics that the individual attributes to himself, to information relating to his individual knowledge. It is constituted on the basis of self-assessment in the different situations with which he is confronted.

Everyone has their own identity consciousness which makes them different from all the others. Identity is therefore first understood as an individual phenomenon that could be defined as the way in which human beings construct their personal relationship with the environment.

In business, an individual's social identity encompasses everything that makes it possible to identify the subject from the outside and that refers to the statuses that he shares with the other members of his various groups to which he belongs (hierarchy, department , colleagues ...). It is very often a question of a “prescribed” or assigned identity, insofar as the individual does not completely fix the characteristics (young graduate, woman, manager, father…).

Above all relational, identity is subject to change when circumstances modify the relationship to the world. This means that it is not given once and for all; rather, it is constructed or we could say induced.

Suggested discussions in this space

- Self-image, view of others

- The company's image and its challenges

- Identification, social image, belonging (...)

Key words

# image (mirror, reflection, through ... the word is omnipresent in space)

# social psychology (stereotypical visual representations challenge questions)

# privacy (where is the border between the personal and professional sphere)

Statement of intent

Self-image is the idea of what each of us makes of our physical (appearance) and psychological identity; a mental image generally not very resistant to change, forged as much by oneself as through the eyes of others.

The bathroom is often a small room that we occupy for quite simple and factual moments. A place in which we can isolate ourselves without giving others the desire to come in or listen at the door, connected to our privacy, and because we feel good there, we indicate to the brain that we are There is emotional security, that we can let go of things and express ourselves. The analytical dimension is very often associated with the thoughts we "clean" in the bathroom.

The shower represents the place of purification. Running and piped water indicates above all an action controlled or carried out by a protocol.

The company, like the bathroom, appears more and more as a place of relationship to oneself to be shared. Being yourself at work allows you to respect your emotions, values and convictions. In this way the individual can contribute to a positive environment within the company. Being true to yourself also means being able to stay true in your relationship to others.

A construction in an environment

The “company” territory tells, by calling on spatial data, the insertion of each individual into a group, or even into several reference groups. At the end of his personal trajectories, belonging, collective identity is built. Space plays a decisive role in building the identity process.

The relational and constructed nature of identity means that it can only be understood through interaction. Identity is not a static quality, but a dynamic process that manifests itself only in its enactment, which can be defined as the way we behave in order to show who we are when we interact with them. human and non-human elements of our environment. It is also the way people and things react to our behavior.

Psychological notions are presented in this creation

• Mirror effect (the external reality reflecting our internal state, mirror which sometimes reflects back to you what you are not yet ready to see in yourself)
• Transference (the mind hopes to find in the other what it needs outside of itself)
• Ego according to Jung

Visuals - [3D modeling]

3D logo blanc.png




Useful surface

Net weight

Dimensions in cm

Assembly time

36 m²

1500 kg

L 630 l 560 h 220

3 hours

The work "Do not disturb" is delivered and installed as presented on our website.

It therefore includes among others:
- Peripheral and interior partitions
- Items of furniture and accessories
- The wall sculpture entitled "The lotus eye"
- The table called "Proxiglas" and its 7 chairs

Ground plan

Do not disturb - Plan de masse.png
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