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The art of balance

1 day license.  HT

1600.00 €

Useful surface

25 m²

Nb people


Suspended more than a meter from the ground, discover the impressive transposition of an adaptive methodology situation that unfolds in real time and in accordance with each person's activities.

Approved value of the work at 


€ 13,200.00 tax excl.


Arnaud 2020.jpg

Artistic direction

Arnaud Legrand

About the theme

For many organizations, surviving and thriving in today's environment of rapidly changing markets depends on achieving a fundamental transformation to become more agile. Those who make the transition get substantial improvements in performance and health: increased growth, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Adaptability is also a key value in the management of risk and contingencies. By mobilizing the energy and skills of his teams, the agile manager can deal with any unforeseen event within very short deadlines. Whether it's a new product, an update to an offer or a new organization, the more teams can adapt, the faster the return on investment will be.

Suggested discussions in this space

- After the crisis: how to sustain agility?

- Management through balance

- Collective intelligence, team cohesion (...)

Key words

# autonomy (everyone is responsible for their position)

# adaptation (interdependence of movements)

# confidence (the movements of some [decisions] impact others, modify the collective balance)

Statement of intent

Management agility is a theme that we had a lot of fun designing, undoubtedly because this concept, today acclaimed by more and more managers and companies, has a particular resonance in our own artistic work.

By definition, the agile manager evolves in an uncertain environment, he must be based on principles such as trust, communication, cooperation and collective intelligence. He favors the initiative and the expression of his collaborators, always puts the value in the field at the center and tries to cut out the complexity.

Agile management is a dynamic approach that each company adopts and adapts according to its needs.

Self-managed, committed and responsible, individuals take ownership of “the project in the field”, become a force for reflection and proposals, and may even be called upon to question the manager himself by the vision they themselves have. laws of “gravity” governing the circle in suspension. An iconoclastic approach in a classic system, but natural in an agile cycle.

Sitting on suspended chairs, each held by 5 turnbuckles and linked to each other by 3 common cables, participants experience the principle of management agility in their bodies.

indicateur teaser video

Visuals - [3D modeling]

3D logo blanc.png




Useful surface

Net weight

Dimensions in cm

Assembly time

25 m²

700 kg

L 500 l 500 h 250

2 hours

The aluminum structure made up of 12 triangular beams with a section of 290 x 257 mm is suitable for a load of 8 people of 100 kg each, i.e. a distribution of 40 kg / m. [for information, the manufacturer's data guarantee a resistance of 180 kg / m].

Each chair is held by 5 anchor points (4 feet, 1 backrest). An individual with a height of 1.80m will have his feet approximately 80cm from the ground.

Ground plan

L'art de l'équilibre - Plan de masse.png
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