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1400.00 €

Useful surface

24 m²

Nb people


The faculty of resilience is not innate, it finds its roots in the relationship that parents have with their child.

The often felt sense of emptiness here becomes a powerful metaphor for resilience. The work invites you to tame this dizzying void which destabilizes so much and to transpose it into a managerial context.

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Arnaud 2020.jpg

Artistic direction

Arnaud Legrand

About the theme

"Resilience" relates firstly to the field of physical science. It defines the ability of the studied bodies (cells, etc.) to resist surrounding shocks and then to return to their original shape and properties. It is only since the 1940s that this concept has been adapted and applied to psychology.

The resilience mechanism of facing events is a dynamic process that is spread over a more or less long time and which allows the person concerned to go through his ordeals and even come out of them grown up.

Resilience is dynamic. From problems, which can arise from everyday life or from very serious shocks, the individual will trigger mechanisms which will lead him first to resist, then possibly to adapt, and sometimes to experience post-growth growth. traumatic.

Suggested discussions in this space

- Professional resilience

- Resilience and failure management

- After the shock: the post-Covid company (...)

Key words

# resistance (material, environment)

# absorption (versus adsorption)

# to overcome (to overcome, to pass over)

Statement of intent

According to the firm Deloitte, which wanted to measure with 2,000 senior executives which companies were most successful in managing disruptions during COVID-19, it is the resilient organizations that have most easily succeeded in emerging, those that have adapted their decision-making and operational processes to the new reality imposed by the crisis:
- The first characteristic of a resilient business is preparation.
- The second winning attribute is that of adaptability.

Collaboration at all levels of the organization has helped accelerate decision-making, reduce risk and drive innovation. Eliminating silos was, according to executives, the most important strategic initiative they took before and during the pandemic.

Resilience will soon no longer be an option, but the great necessity of the century.

Resilience, existential dynamics:
For leaders and managers, developing resilience requires a different perspective on reality, with a view to better use of intervention strategies.
Once linear and predictable, our world has become VUCA [volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). This acronym, popularized in France in 2005, is used to describe the societal, economic, technological and environmental transformations facing companies.

The ability to trust oneself, others, and even the world, especially in an anxiety-provoking context, as well as the faculty of discernment that characterizes resilience, are necessary to allow companies to make the best possible choices in an uncertain and unpredictable environment. .

Resilience in business, a new area of management?


Visuals - [3D modeling]

3D logo blanc.png




Useful surface

24 m²

Net weight

1400 kg

Dimensions in cm

L 550 l 550 h 240

Assembly time

3 hours

This creation needs to be installed by 2 people.

The ceiling height may not be less than 2.80 m.

The volume provides for two distinct discussion areas: inside among the cubes on the lower level, outside at the level of the tabletop.

Ground plan

Résilience - Plan de masse
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